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About Geneva library

Geneva is an abbreviation and stands for "Grid-ENabled EVolutionary Algorithms".
What it does is described in the librarie's README file:
It aims to provide the necessary tools to perform parametric optimization in parallel on devices ranging from multi-processor machines over clusters all the way to Grids and Cloud installations.

Boost setup for Debian lenny

Here is a description how you can set up the C++ boost library for a Debian lenny system. Sure, you could just use aptitude to install the lenny boost package. The trick is that you need sometimes (e.g. for the GENEVA library) the latest or a newer version then that, which is packed for lenny.
I will describe the method how i have done that and which i think is the most convenient one.

Geneva library installation

I want to describe how i made it to set up the Geneva library on a Debian lenny system.

The first step you need to get the Geneva lib into ops is to set up the C++ boost library at least in version 1.36. How to do that is the topic of a dedicated article: Boost setup for Debian lenny.

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